Pantech C&I Business

The Pantech C&I group is a company that continuously strives to create a better future.

Pantech C&I Business

  • Holding Company
    As a holding company of Pantech C&I group, Pantech C&I is responding to customer needs in various business fields for sustainable growth and implements corporate ethics based on Jeong-Do Management and Ethical Management.
  • VC and M&A
    Pantech C&I is carrying out investment activities at various points in order to advance the business and expand its scope in a long-term and future-oriented way.

    Major investment company

  • IT System Integration/Management Service
    Pantech C&I has digital transformation capabilities to improve processes and improve business performance through IT system integration (SI) and system management (SM).
  • Business Strategy/ IT Consulting
    Pantech C&I is a company that has corporate growth know-how by accumulating experiences and assets in the company's new business model, business strategy, and consulting for IT/DT strategy.