About Pantech C&I

The Pantech C&I group is a company that continuously strives to create a better future.

CEO Messages

We will achieve stable growth of our affiliates through internal management,

and create strong and good company that live together.

With the establishment of Pantech in 1991, our Pantech C&I affiliates have met the needs of our customers in a variety of business fields, including IT, distribution, and logistics, and has achieved remarkable results.

We will continue to improve our business structure with our accumulated capabilities and a spirit of constant challenge, and will leap forward to become a "strong company" that can achieve lasting and sustainable growth through business diversification and the development of new business areas.

Together, we will contribute to creating a better and more collaborative world by investing in new venture companies that will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution and environmental companies that improve quality of life through resource recycling, and by raising corporate value and fulfilling corporate social responsibility based on each other's growth.

Pantech C&I CEO and Chairman BY Park